Never Alone


Never Alone Safety

NEVER ALONE SAFETY is the innovative device dedicated to the prevention and safety of people. With the NEVER ALONE SAFETY, Gecom SpA guarantees, through the most modern geo-localization tools, a valid support for the active protection of its customers.

This is a way to control the operation of a security system.
Particularly suitable for elderly people, children and all those who need emergency assistance.

User manual – Never Alone Safety


Through the application, available for iPhone and devices with the Android operating system, customers can request the intervention of the Gecom Operations Centre at any time which, on receiving the alarm signal, will launch the specific operating procedures established for each user.

Never Alone Messenger is an instant messaging service of ours already knows security App “Never Alone”. This messaging app connects you from your mobile everywhere you are with your contacts and choose to send them your location.

Never Alone Messenger, for IOS, uses internet connection (4G/3G/2G, EDGE and WiFi) to send message, files, pictures and video to your contacts using you own mobile number like ID. Could you send messages while offline and it will be processed as soon as you will be connected.

With Never Alone Messenger, you can stay connected with your contacts that will be automatically retrieved from your address book without having to manually add them.